The calculator for movable holidays on Zaurus






Download HolidayCalc

You can download HolidayCalc via projectpage at sourceforge and when over "Latest File Releases" or direct from the download-page.

On the download-page you can find different files and packages.
The packages are in the moment this:

  • holidaycalc - the latest stable version of holidaycalc
  • holidaycalc-pre-beta - prereleases and betas with new features but not complete

The files under the version number inside a package are:

  • holidaycalc.tar.gz is only the complete source code
  • holidaycalc_x.y.z_arm.ipk is to install and run at your Zaurus. (for x,y,z see later on this page)

If you want only and easy use HolidayCalc download the latest stable ipk-file and install it on your zaurus.


The version number of HolidayCalc has 3 parts: x-y-z with the following describtion:

  • x - the major version number
  • y - the minor version number
  • z - the bugfix version for inside the major-minor release

All stable versions have a even minor version, such as 0, 2 and so on. prereleases and betas have an odd minor version (1, 3 , ...). Only new features get a new major or minor number. A new language isn't realy a new feature and get only a new bugfix-number.




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